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The webinar

The Quebec Center for Advanced Materials (QCAM) student committee is delighted to organize a Webinar on Scientific Writing hosted by Profs Gregory Patience and Daria Boffito from Polytechnique Montreal. The online event will be held on Zoom from 9am to 12pm on Thursday September 24th, 2020Zoom link:


Webinar registration and abstracts submission for this activity are open to both members and non-members of QCAM.

To register to the webinar, please fill in and submit the following form:

If you choose to submit an abstract, which will serve as a major learning tool during the activity, please use the following template directly. 



About our presenters


Teacher. Gregory Patience


Teacher. Daria Boffito

Professors Patience and Boffito began their foray into scientific writing with the publication of a guidebook (Academic Press, 2015), prized by the two editing houses Wiley and Elsevier, which advertised the book as among the “Top 10 Resource Guidebooks Every Graduate Student Should Own”. From 2015 to 2017, they published 23 articles addressing several aspects of writing and publishing, one of which was featured by the journal Nature in their News section in 2018. They have been sharing their ideas widely in Europe and North America. Their growing interest in writing and publishing is such that they are now organizing the world forum Principles of Scientific Publication. Join us on the 24th of September to learn more about scientific writing with our two experts!  

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