Meet the team





Fanny Casteignau

Member - Fanny is a Ph.D. student at UdeS in nano materials and advanced characterization. She works on Raman scattering-based nanoprobes using single-wall carbon nanohorns to substitute nanotubes. She is passionate of climbing and exploring outdoors with her friends. 

Nour Dissem

Member - Nour is a Ph.D. student at UQTR. She is working on highly stable Metal-organic Frameworks targeting gas sorption and separation studies. She is cycling champion for 12 years and she loves traveling and backpacking all over the world.



Member - Ilknur is a Ph.D. student at INRS in polymer semiconductor materials  and supramolecular interactions to be applied in thermoelectrics. She is in love with nature and colors, watercolor painting is her favourite.  

President - Yasmine is a Ph.D. student at UdeM in energy storage. She uses DFT and solid-state chemistry to

explore the interface between  electrodes and solid electrolytes in lithium batteries. She can take you

out dancing salsa or boxing anytime.

Vice-president - Arnaud is a Ph.D. student at UdeM in polymer sciences. He is interested in the influence of molecular order on the optical and mechanical properties of polymeric and composite materials. Arnaud enjoys listening to house music, reading classic novels, and cooking comfort food. 

Member - Chenghao is a Ph.D. student at McGill  in organic electronics. He focuses on exploring the properties of organic pi-functional materials at different scales by employing artificial intelligence and 2D polymerization. He lives off on hiking, photography, and board games in his free time.  



Member - Yuan is a postdoc at McGill. She specializes in using scanning tunneling microscopy, focusing on developing novel π-conjugated Covalent Organic Frameworks for optoelectronic devices. She loves climbing, traveling and playing cards. 



Tao (Tom)


Member - Tom is a Ph.D. student at UQAM in semi-conductor materials for applications in solar cells and photocatalysis. He  likes playings sports,

animals, and good food.



Member - Solène is a Ph.D. candidate in wood science at ULaval. Her research is focused on developing flame-retardant formulations for interior wood coatings. She likes to discuss about scientific innovations, the just-released episode of a TV show/series or about her last culinary attempts...   



Member - Dan is a Ph.D. student at McGill studying photonic nanotechnologies. He fabricates nanostructures with exotic plasmonic and photonic properties using bio-inspired approaches. Dan loves the great outdoors, indie/folk music, cooking for his friends, and reading.

Alex Brice Poungoué Mbeunmi

Member - Alex is a Ph.D. student in electrical engineering at UdeS. He works on the epitaxial growth of III-V and group IV compounds, and optoelectronic devices fabrication. He enjoys bike, hiking, cooking, drawing, soccer.



Member - Victor is a master  student at Concordia doing research on rare earth based Metal-Organic Frameworks. He uses tetratopic linkers for applications in waste water remediation. He enjoys dogs, cooking and videogames.



Member - Laurence is a Ph.D. student at UQAM in energy storage.  Her aim is to increase the energy density of cathode electrodes in lithium batteries. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and going out with her friends.



Member - Vincent is a Ph.D. student at UdeS in energy storage. He develops new solid polymer electrolytes for either lithium or sodium batteries. He is passionate about guitar and science vulgarization.



Member - Xiaomeng is a Ph.D. student at UdeM in  

nanotechnologies, designing biosensors. She uses DNA and peptides to enable biosensors to detect clinically relevant antibodies. She is fond of hiking and traveling.


November 6, 2020

9:00am to 6:00pm

Online (ZOOM)

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