Meet the team




President - Yasmine is a Ph.D. student at UdeM in energy storage. She uses DFT and solid-state chemistry to

explore the interface between  electrodes and solid electrolytes in lithium batteries. She can take you

out dancing salsa or boxing anytime.




Vice-president - Arnaud is a Ph.D. student at UdeM in polymer sciences. He is interested in the influence of molecular order on the optical and mechanical properties of polymeric and composite materials. Arnaud enjoys listening to house music, reading classic novels, and cooking comfort food. 

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Nour Dissem

Member - Nour is a Ph.D. student at UQTR. She is working on highly stable Metal-organic Frameworks targeting gas sorption and separation studies. She is cycling champion for 12 years and she loves traveling and backpacking all over the world.




Member - Ilknur is a Ph.D. student at INRS in polymer semiconductor materials  and supramolecular interactions to be applied in thermoelectrics. She is in love with nature and colors, watercolor painting is her favourite.  


Mostafa Shagar

Member - Mostafa is a Ph.D. student at INRS. He is interested in the light-matter interactions in  organic and inorganic semiconductors. In his free time, he enjoys cooking,  stand up comedy and finding the best coffee spots in town.




Member - Chenghao is a Ph.D. student at McGill  in organic electronics. He focuses on exploring the properties of organic pi-functional materials at different scales by employing artificial intelligence and 2D polymerization. He lives off on hiking, photography, and board games in his free time.  


Tao (Tom)


Member - Tom is a Ph.D. student at UQAM in semi-conductor materials for applications in solar cells and photocatalysis. He  likes playings sports,

animals, and good food.


Zongyi Liu

Member - Zongyi is a Ph.D. student at ULaval, her research project is to expand the time window of the chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) model, by using 3D bioprinting to implant voluminous cancer cell-containing hydrogels that are closer to the expected volumes for drug screening and radiotherapy assessments. Besides study, I really enjoy photography and café shop hunting.

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Member - Victor is a master  student at Concordia doing research on rare earth based Metal-Organic Frameworks. He uses tetratopic linkers for applications in waste water remediation. He enjoys dogs, cooking and videogames.




Member - Xiaomeng is a Ph.D. student at UdeM  in nano technologies, designing biosensors. She uses DNA and peptides to enable biosensors to detect clinically relevant antibodies. She is fond of hiking and traveling.


Tristan Perodeau

Member - Tristan is starting his master in electrochemistry at UdeM, his research focuses on the polymer-ceramic interface in energy storage systems. He is a proud member of the Innu First Nation of Mashteuiatsh, Quebec. Outside the lab, you can find him hiking and camping while enjoying Quebec’s craft beers !