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QCAM Student Symposium 2022

Monday, May 9th 2022 - Thank you for attending !

Campus MIL - Université de Montréal - 1375 Therese-Lavoie-Roux avenue, Montreal, QC, H2V 0B3 


QCAM is an inter-university strategic group working in the field of functional and advanced materials for a range of applications, including biomedicine, energy, the environment or nanotechnology. Its large network of researchers, professors and students allows the birth of solid and flourishing collaborations across Quebec. The purpose of the QCAM student committee is to assist student members and give them a voice within the center. Our dearest project every year is the organization of the student symposium. It's an excellent opportunity for graduate and postgraduate students to present their work to a high-quality audience and to meet researchers in their field. For more information on QCAM, we invite you to visit their website:

In memory of
Dan Petrescu


It is with great sadness that we share the death of a cherished committee member, Dan Petrescu (30 yo). Dan had always been a source of positive energy and joy to the people around him. During his Ph.D., he led the life of a dynamic and ambitious researcher at every level. We will miss him dearly and would like to present our most sincere condolences to his family and his friends. May he rest in peace. 

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